Compact design and weatherproof construction make the 09DK condensers excellent selections for rooftop or on-the-ground applications. A superior internally grooved tube condenser coil design allows units to be built in a small footprint while maximizing heat rejection. Efficient direct-drive axial flow fans discharge air in an upward direction.

These units feature a cabinet made of galvanized steel with a bonderized baked enamel finish. The tough finish ensures units exceed all federal 500-hour salt spray test requirements.

Performance Features
  • 3-phase totally enclosed air over (TEAO) condenser-fan motors
  • Internally grooved coil design
  • Motormaster® V low ambient temperature controller and fan cycling control accessory (field-installed accessory)
  • Multiple split combinations and circuiting arrangements
  • Direct-drive axial flow fans
Reliability Features
  • Galvanized steel cabinet, bonderized and finished with baked enamel, 500-hour salt-spray test
  • Horizontal encased coil
  • UL and UL, Canada approved
Maintenance Features
  • Hinged access control panel
Installation Features
  • On-the-ground or rooftop installation
  • Small footprint
  • Coil circuiting tubing kit
  • Lifting holes in base rail construction
  • Multiple split combination circuiting parts kit
Factory-Installed Options
Enviro-Shield™ condenser coil coating options include:
  • Copper fins/copper tubes:
    • Non-coated
    • E-coated
  • Aluminum fins/copper tubes:
    • Non-coated
    • Pre-coated o E-coated
Field-Installed Accessories
Security grilles (sizes 054-094 only)
Low ambient fan controls include:
  • Fan cycling control package
  • Motormaster V head pressure control
Condenser coil hail guards (sizes 054-094 only)
Sound reduction kits (sizes 054-094 only)
Control transformer (sizes 054-094 only)

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