AUTOTRANSFORMERS (System intertie transformers)

#AUTOTRANSFORMERS (System intertie transformers)

AUTOTRANSFORMERS (System intertie transformers)

Substation autotransformers transfer the incoming high voltage to the next lower voltage level. As an example, incoming high voltage of 400 kV would be transferred down to 220 kV.

In general substation autotransformers are equipped with on-load-tap changers (OLTC). Incoming transmission lines are connected to the transformers through bushings and cables through cable boxes and cable sealing ends.

Autotransformers are built in core form with auto connected windings, ie common main winding and a separate low voltage winding.

Product scope

·         Ratings up to 1,300 MVA (sometimes higher ratings are required)

·         Primary voltage up to 765 kV and higher

·         Secondary voltage generally <= 230kV or higher depending on the grid configuration

·         Load tap changers generally required

·         Single or three-phase

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