The newest addition to ABB’s dry-type transformer portfolio

The TriDry transformer excels in terms of its different footprint and lighter-weight construction in a triangular shape. The triangular core construction reduces the weight of the transformer as compared to a standard dry-type transformer. In addition, the footprint is much more compact, which can lead to significant savings in buildings and installation costs.

The transformer not only exhibits the general advantages of a dry-type transformer, but also an improves efficiency in comparison to standard models, with reductions in operating costs. In addition, its symmetrical construction inherently reduces noise, harmonic content and stray magnetic fields. The TriDry thus makes an important contribution to grid stability and environmental protection. Other advantages of the triangular core construction include reduced harmonics, reduced sound level and improved EMC.

Dry-type transformers type TriDry offer maximum security for people, installations and the environment. TriDry is easy to install, requires no additional equipment or maintenance.

Product scope

Up to 2 MVA

High voltage up to 24 kV

Frequencies: 50 Hz, 60 Hz

Cooling: AN / ANAF

Insulation system temperature: F

Partial discharges <10 pC

Protection degree: IP00


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