Smoke Leakage Class II Galvanized Fire/Smoke Damper

Quick Specs

Sleeve:           18" Long Integral Sleeve

UL Classified: 1˝ Hour Fire Resistance

Smoke Leakage Resistance Class II

250°F or 350°F

Approved for Dual Direction Airflow

Approved for Dynamic Conditions

Certifications: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.: 555S and 555, National Fire Protection Assoc.: 80 & 90A, ICC's International Building Code, CA State Fire Marshal Listing #3225-1328:120

Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal

Frame Material:        20 ga. Flat Galvanized Steel

Blade Material:         16 ga. Single Thickness Galvanized Steel

Blade Action: Parallel

Blade Seals: Silicone

Jamb Seals: Stainless Steel

Axles: Plated Solid Steel Stub

Bearing: Oil Impregnated Bronze

Caulking: Hardcast Irongrip 601 or UL-Listed Equivalent

Actuator: Electric w/ Heat Response Device (EHRD) or Pneumatic w/ Heat Response Device (PHRD)

Factory-Installed Power-Open/Spring-Close

External Left-Hand Mounted (From Jackshaft Side)

Max Differential Pressure: 4 in. wg.

Max Velocity: 2000 FPM

Leakage Ratings: 20 CFM per ft2 maximum at 4 in. wg.

AMCA:           Tested and Certified to standard 511


Integral Dual Position Indication Switches

Sensotherm Re-Openable Heat Response Device: ESOT for Electric Actuator, PSOT for Peumatic Actuator

Model SM-501 Smoke Detector:    Shipped Loose

Mounted and Wired (6" min. damper height w/ 20" sleeve)

Retaining Angles: Tab-Lock

Bearings: Stainless Steel

Copper Tubing:        (for Pneumatic Actuators)

Sleeve Depth: 19" or 20"

Transitions: Round or Oval

Short-Width/Height: <6" Transitions



Minimum Panel Size

Maximum Panel Size


4" x 4"
(16" x 6" Frame)

24" x 24"


4" Diameter
(16" x 6" Frame)

22" Diameter


4" x 4"
(16" x 6" Frame)

22" x 22"


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