Electric Pressure Independent Valves

#Fail-Safe Actuators

(ePIV) with Non-Spring and Electronic Fail-Safe Actuators


§  Compensate for pressure variations, performing a continual balancing function to maintain system performance at varying loads.

§  Predictable flow throughout valve travel eliminates over-pumping and provides favorable energy savings.

§  Equal percentage flow characteristic leads to system controllability.

§  Prevents energizing additional chillers by maintaining desired Delta T.

§  Constant flow performance significantly reduces actuator movement, providing less hunting and wear on the valve assembly.

§  Selected based on coil flow rate and no Cv calculations are needed.


The ePIV directly measures flow by combining a flow meter and a 2-way control valve. The actuator has a powerful algorithm that modulates the control valve to maintain the exact flow based on the control signal set by the DDC Controller. The flow reading is reported back to the controller using a standard signal, and this value can be used by the Building Automation System to perform advanced control and energy strategies.

The ePIV can be used to regulate flow through air handlers, heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators and VAV re-heat coils.

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