Air Conditioning

The new challenges imposed by current established standards nowadays in the development of air conditioning projects demand products with proved high performance and quality levels, which can only be found with brands known for their reliability and experience. We are very proud to have in our portfolio of products a wide range of equipment and parts of leading global brands.

For air conditioning projects, we have available a wide selection that includes direct expansion equipment, such as roof top units packages,  central air conditioners, air handlers, ceiling-floor type sets and high wall mini splits sets for both cooling and heat-pump applications. We can also provide equipment for chilled water applications, chillers, including the respective air handlers and fan coils, which give the customer the most suitable choice to fit project requirements ensuring optimal long term performance.

We also offer high precision units for applications requiring accurate control of environmental conditions, such as computer rooms or data management areas. These precision air conditioners guarantee constant environmental conditions that vary within very small limits.

Any of the air conditioners mentioned may be equipped to work perfectly in environments exposed to corrosion, such as the one found in coastal areas, in more difficult environments with high concentration of corrosive gases, or even where there is a risk of fire so the units must be explosion-proof. According to the characteristics of the environment where you operate the equipment, we design and create the most suitable solution.

All these equipment are offered accompanied by optional accessories that include hydraulic components, pumps, cooling towers, heat transfer equipment, and all the accessories required for the proper distribution of air and protection of its quality, for example variable volume boxes, filters, ultraviolet lights, in-line heaters, grilles, diffusers, etc.

Engineering & Selection

Northern Equipment Supply Int'l, LLC (NESI) has a team of qualified engineers with an extensive experience in the different segments covered, which allows to provide our customers with ...
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In order to facilitate the commercialization process, we can provide logistical assistance as required to manage the cargo while it is in transit from the factory to the job site.
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Post Sale Service

In order to ensure proper incorporation of a computer to a particular system, we can offer the benefit of starting at a competitive cost and on the advice of our technicians trained and ...
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