FEG AMCA Certification

The most recent energy standard developed to measure fans and blowers efficiency. 

  FEG AMCA Certification is an indicator of the fans aerodynamic ability to convert shaft power, or impeller power in the case of a direct driven fan, to air power. ANSI/AMCA Standard 205 defines fan efficiency grades (FEG), as an energy efficiency classification for fans. Essentially, it reflects fan energy efficiency, allowing engineers to more easily differentiate between fan models: more efficient fan models will have higher FEG ratings. The FEG will be most useful in evaluating the aerodynamic quality of the fan and will be the only metric useful when the fan is evaluated independently of the motor/control. This classification is a distinct metric that serves a specific purpose and allows comparison of any number of fans using this same metric. This classification shall not be used simultaneously, or interchangeably, with any other fan energy classification.

                 STANDARD AMCA 205-10 (Click Here)


While the fan efficiency is a function of the operating point on the fan performance curve, the efficiency grades are based on the peak (optimum) efficiency as established in AMCA Standard 205-10. The efficiency grade is the characteristic that defines the energy usage quality of a fan and indicates the potential for minimizing the energy usage of the fan and indicates the potential for minimizing the energy usage of the fan.

Different application (test) categories (test configurations) may yield different peak efficiencies. If a fan can be used in more than one of the categories, the highest peak efficiency of all the categories may be used for the classification.

The test application category used for determination of the peak efficiency shall be indicated with the classification grade. It is worth to mention the FEG Certification is an answer to the green initiatives and new governmental regulations for more appropriate energy consumption. Also, it can help in the design and development of green or smart buildings by providing a mean to determine potential energy savings when considering fan energy efficiency.

Twin City Fan & Blower, Co. is the first manufacturer to have FEG certified all of their fans. Currently 68 product lines carry the FEG seal, covering a total 1104 model-size configurations. It has been a serious commitment to contribute to a really green world.





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