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Nov. 2018 - A New Generation of Compact Plenum Fans

Compact Design 
There are no housings, transitions or diffusers within the air handling unit. The EC series plenum fans utilize an axial flux motor that allows for an even greater reduction in the fan’s footprint than traditional
plenum fans.
Lower Cost 
These motors do not require a VFD to control the speed, resulting in initial cost savings. In addition, the higher efficiencies of these motors, compared to standard motors, grants continual cost savings.
Performance Overview 
> 16.5" to 27" wheel diameters
> Airflow to 19,465 CFM
> Static pressure to 7" w.g.

GridSmart™ EC Motors
• Efficiencies up to 91%
• IP2X motor enclosure
• Constant efficiency as the motor speed is varied
• Up to 66% energy savings over traditional PSC motors
• Performance range comparable to a belt driven fan with the reduced maintenance benefits of a direct drive fan
• 80% usable turndown range as compared with 40% maximum on PSC motors
• Soft start gives fans smooth, quiet start
• Lower operating temperatures result in longer life and reduced energy consumption
• Heavy-duty ball bearings are permanently lubricated
• Elimination of VFD results in lower initial cost
• The reduced size of the motor allows for the footprint of the fan to be drastically reduced

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